Sterling Executive Coaching offers career and leadership coaching to professionals, managers, executives and entrepreneurs who want to build the critical links between: authenticity, excellence and thriving.

Discover Authenticity

Celebrate the talents in which you take the greatest delight. Use them as often as possible for purposes that are meaningful to you.

Build Excellence

Develop and refine your strengths. Cultivate new skills, including those that help you to navigate the interpersonal world effectively.

Learn to Thrive

In and out of the workplace, identify and create the conditions you need to thrive.

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Sterling Executive Coaching helps you to identify and realise your strengths.

As vital as using your strengths, is using them for your purpose-a positive intention charged with energy, meaning and relevance. A sense of purpose motivates, guides, inspires and informs your decisions.

Sterling Executive Coaching helps you to articulate your purpose.

Certified Executive Coach, Ann Rice, helps you to develop achievable goals and action plans to maximize your strengths and leverage them for your purpose.


Simply put, Ann is an exceptional coach. Seeking her out 3 years ago is likely one of the most important actions I have taken for my development as a leader. She helps me to stretch my thinking by exploring new perspectives and tools for me to apply in a fast paced, high volume, executive work environment. Professional and personable, Ann applies extensive knowledge and experience to every interaction; listening, probing, offering, and always remaining firmly “in my corner”. We like to say that, “we imagine and create conditions for thriving”.

Phil Gothe British Columbia Safety Authority

“Ann is an outstanding executive coach and I am fortunate to have worked with her on multiple occasions.  First and foremost, Ann is an exceptional person who deeply cares about you and your wellbeing.  In my opinion, it is this singular aspect of Ann’s approach that sets her apart from other coaches and allows her to quickly craft a strategy that is unique to you and your situation.   Ann helped me appreciate and embrace my values and understand how these have helped to shape me as an individual and an executive.  She is one of those individuals that just gets it. Ann has a unique ability to shift the context of a situation and allow you to experience new perspectives you simply weren’t seeing.  I would highly recommend Ann’s services to anyone.” 

Jeffrey Boomer, MBA, CFA

Ann is a brilliant listener and communicator who was able to help me organize and reflect on my challenges in a positive and constructive way. She worked with me to develop strategies and tactics which I employ on a daily basis to help elevate my performance at work and achieve more balance in life. Ann is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her.

Jonathan LokManaging Partner with Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc.

It is my distinct pleasure to unreservedly recommend Ann. She has provided invaluable guidance as I have managed a significant career transition. An exceptionally easy person to talk to, she takes the time to understand goals, motives and values. Through challenging and thought provoking conversation, Ann supplied a vocabulary for me to describe my situation and cognitive frameworks to guide the transition process. Of equal import were the intangibles of clarification, validation and support that were so generously offered. I simply would not be where I am today without Ann’s assistance.

Scott ReynoldsTechnical Consultant

I have been very fortunate to have Ann as my coach. Her seasoned approach created an atmosphere where it was easy to open up and trust the coaching process. Ann asked insightful, timely questions that got to the heart of the issues that I was working on. She did this by listening, validating and offering insightful comments and encouragement along the way.

Ann’s approach and manner are heartfelt, respectful and one of high integrity. Ann is a rare gem who combines clarity, wisdom, and immense passion for her work.

Kathleen O’Grady

I have worked as a manager of international development programs for over fifteen years, and chose to settle in Vancouver for family reasons – but did not want to just “settle” for a job that didn’t quite meet my interests. Working with Ann, I identified ways to combine my passion for international issues with the Vancouver job market. I drew on her experience to strengthen my capacity for communication – no more getting flustered and upset when I feel others don’t “get it”! At my last meeting with Ann, I had to congratulate her: it’s not everyone who can interrupt me when I’m on a roll, and still be right in sync with me. I recommend Ann for intercultural communication, her capacity to listen and to guide, to coach me along as we discovered my strengths, identified them explicitly and built on them to work on my needs. I continue to refer to the insights I gained or developed with Ann, and have shared them with others. I believe it makes me a better manager as well as simply happier in the development of my activities.

Anne Catherine BajardInternational Media Support

For the past two years I’ve been struggling to identify what was lacking with my present career choice, and to clarify a newer, more authentic career vision for myself. However, it was not until I met Ann that I felt I made any significant progress. She used careful, incisive questioning and her capacity for deep empathetic listening to help me to see how my thinking style was clouding my perceptions. The result is that I now find myself opened to possibilities I hadn’t been able to consider before. I plan to continue working with Ann down the road. She is able to challenge the stories I tell myself in ways that leave me speechless with gratitude.


Our team’s session with Ann was invaluable! I came to the realization that some of the more challenging communications that I have had in the past were because my response to something that was said was not the most empathetic. Ann has a delightful and entertaining way of conveying the different ways to communicate. There is no doubt in my mind that responding empathetically leads to better rapport with others, both at work & in your personal life.

Kathy Payne BCom, CHRPRecruitment Manager, TELUS Consumer Client Operations

I have been working with Ann Rice of Sterling Executive Coaching since Nov 2006. Over this time, Ann has coached me in various areas surrounding my role as a first line manager. She challenges me by asking intelligent and engaging questions, and helps guide me towards my goals of choice. She is a great listener and always has interesting insight to add to our coaching conversations. I truly value her non-biased perspective and her openness to allow me to take our coaching sessions in any direction I wish to go. I would highly recommend signing up for Ann Rice/Sterling Executive Coaching.

Caroline DayManager, Americas Customer Assurance Renewals

I have benefited more than I had dreamed possible from my work with Ann. After many years of unsatisfactory professional work, I came to her desperate for career change, frustrated that I was unable to see where to go and how to do it. Within two sessions with Ann, I had achieved clarity, new confidence, and a way forward, with Ann as a completely supportive ally in my process. After only four sessions, I am confidently on my way and seeing Ann less frequently to check in and keep momentum going. Ann is a supremely gifted listener. She has helped me, with positivity and respect, to hear myself — my truest self and my deepest longings for meaningful work — and to identify steps to make them real in my life. My work with Ann is one of the most exciting and moving events of my life, the results of which I have no doubt will last the rest of my life. I am profoundly grateful to her.

Helen Mendes

I started working with Ann in the fall of 2011 after realizing I’d like to do more with myself and for others in the field of law. In order to accomplish that, I had to first upgrade the legal knowledge and skills I possess by getting a law degree. I needed a highly experienced coach to support and guide me through the arduous process of law school application, and to help me embrace the unfamiliar territory of career change: Ann was the perfect person.

Ann combined her excellent analytical skills, professional knowledge, deep empathy, and fierce intellect to help me clarify my goals, figure out how best to achieve them, and to stay focused under high pressure. In addition, she gave me the proper tools to deal with stress and other life challenges that could interfere with achieving my goals – which has proven to be immensely beneficial on both a professional and a personal level.

After several months of coaching sessions spaced a few weeks apart, I had a clear set of goals and more importantly, a clear roadmap on how to get there. A year later, I accepted an early offer of admission from the school of my choice. I strongly recommend working with Ann if you are looking to better yourself both professionally and personally. What you can accomplish together will astonish you – in the best way possible!

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